The Guardian: Harassment is just one of the unfair obstacles we women in business face

The experience of getting a new business off the ground, building a customer base, securing investment and ultimately getting yourself on a strong growth trajectory represent huge challenges for any entrepreneur. But last week, the government announced that it was launching a review, led by the head of commercial and private banking at RBS, Alison Rose, into whether there are “unfair obstacles” facing women trying to start a new enterprise in the UK.

Statistically, women make up only a third of entrepreneurs in this country and are only half as likely as men to start a business in the first place. This government review seeks to understand why.

This very welcome news made me reflect on my own experiences as a female founder and chief executive. In my experience, there are two different sets of problems women can face as entrepreneurs: those around funding for female-centric products, and those just associated with the fact of your gender.

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