Sophia Matveeva

Tech Entrepreneur, Advisor & Speaker

Sophia Matveeva is the founder of Enty, a retail tech platform that connects consumers, stylists and brands. The company won App of the Day by Mashable, and Grazia named Enty one of the ‘world's best fashion tech startups’.

Sophia has contributed to the Financial Times and The Guardian on entrepreneurship, and has a regular column in Forbes. She has also advised Chicago Booth’s New Venture Challenge and the Microsoft x London College of Fashion incubator.

Sophia advises brands, retailers and accelerators on marketing, technology strategy and consumer behaviour.

She holds an MBA from Chicago Booth, and a BSc (Hons) in Politics from Bristol.

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Upcoming events

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WEbinar: How to get press for your startup

Learn how PR fits into your marketing plan as a whole, how to pitch your story to journalists and bloggers and create your own content to draw interest.

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workshop: Tech for Non-Technical Founders

In this workshop you will get an overview of the basic disciplines that you need to have to run or launch a tech startup as a non-technical founder.

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Event: Making Fashion Sustainable

Join me for a discussion by experts working with companies like Hunter and Google to make change happen in the factory, on the runway and on the high street.


Last November, Sophia Matveeva led a stellar webinar for the UChicago Alumni Career Programs’ Career Month, in which she shared key takeaways from her experience in building an effective startup team. Sophia has not only built a successful startup that has achieved international adoption, but can eloquently speak to the challenges, victories, and lessons that come from doing so. She is down to earth, candid, and has the experience in actually doing the work to back up her advice. We would be excited to work with her again in the future.
— Linda Pantale | Associate Director, Career Development, The University of Chicago
Sophia is a highly skilled PR professional. She handled our firm’s relationship with journalists, our PR company and gave strategic communications advice on our communications with the press. She also dealt with our investors and managed our brand. And to top it all, she also has a sense of humour!
What a way to start the day. Thank you.

Honestly I got so much value from it.

I found the content insightful and interesting - which will come in handy when I start thinking about the platform I want to build - but my lasting impression is that it’s okay and normal to feel stressed and guilty. And get stuff wrong. A lot. While you work it out. And that felt like a relief to hear somehow.

I found your open and unprecious wisdom, modesty, and humour incredibly accessible and uplifting too.
— Skills for non-technical founders student Second Home
Sophia’s ‘What non-technical founders really need to know about tech’ is an excellent session that will get you up to speed about the ins and outs of working with a technical team. Expect lots of actionable insights and useful advice on what you need to know (hint, you won’t need to learn how to code) and how you can learn to work with developers, technical co-founders and the like. You’ll end up saving years in trial, error and making your own mistakes.
— Fru Bekefi, Second Home, Community & Innovation Programme Manager
Sophia was a speaker at our conference Cross Pollination of Thought hosted at Hult International Business School London campus where she shared her story as an enthusiastic entrepreneur and founder of Enty. Sophia’s energy and originality resonated with the audience, and as a result, the conference had received extremely positive feedback both from other speakers and participants.



I only share what I have found to be useful in running my business and growing my career from PR, to top tier MBA, to tech start-up founder and Forbes contributor. I share what really works in practice, when you are operating in cash and time constrained environments, not what’s supposed to work in theory or with unlimited budgets.


Why I do advisory work

Because I know how hard the innovator journey is

When I got the admissions letter from Chicago Booth, I thought this would be my guaranteed entrance into the high flying world of business. This may have been true if I had taken the corporate route, but it was not true for starting a tech platform from scratch.

Technical founders are sought after, but in my case, it was my PR and marketing background that ended up making the biggest difference to my startup. I used my PR skills to get investment, grow a team and create a revenue generating, growing business.

As a non-technical founder, I have had to learn how to build and analyse digital products, lead technical teams and hire & fire developers. I believe it is not only possible but desirable for people without computer science backgrounds to create digital products, so we can all benefit from diversity of thought and have fun, useful new tech.

Creating something new is hard enough (I know!), and I want to make it easier for the people I work with.

Let’s rise together!